We are a very well established tour agency in the Highest City of La Paz Bolivia, exactly in the heart of South America. Turismo Kolla has been exceeding corporate and leisure travelers’ needs for over 41 years, it was founded by Julio Peralta in 1974 and has grown to be one of Bolivia’s premier travel advisory companies.

In fact, Turismo Kolla is a retail vacation travel agency and a tour operator that offers tours to Bolivia and International destinations that we have traveled to and know well. Dealing with us, you get first hand information on all destinations, expert planning and handling.

The range of professional services offered by us include hotel reservations, transfers, tours, excursions, guide services , entrance tickets to different places, meetings, events, handling shore excursions for cruises and more.

Stemming from a lifelong passion for the world, our team is eager to help others realize their dreams of travel through his work as a tour operator for around the World. We are continuously inspired through our travels, with our ultimate goal being to have our clients return home with a greater cultural understanding, as well as memories that will last a lifetime.


Julio Peralta / General Manager



Turismo Kolla S.R.L. is a company with a broad experience as a tour operator offering services oriented to satisfy and overcome all the expectations of our customers, ensuring a responsible tour both with the passengers and the environment, through a touristic service both sustainable and safe, generating trust due to the quality of the service. Using a personalized treatment from all the personnel collaborating and compromised with high quality standards, always respecting the current legislation.


As Turismo Kolla S.R.L. we expect to lead the tourism market through the constant improvement of the customers expectations in the services and attention; answering to the increasing demand of the incoming tourism, compromised with the high quality in the tours destined to discover the natural wonders of Bolivia. Having a constant innovation in the products with a strict respect for the environment, with providers highly trained and oriented to a personal and professional development offering services custom made to fit with the demands of the customers.


In Turismo Kolla S.R.L. since 1975 we are compromised with a high quality service, based in the continuos improvement of the processes and also in overcoming the expectative of our clients, with a high respect for the current legislation and orienting our efforts to fulfilling a responsable and safe tourism.

Besides, in 2017, we are introducing to our management a sustainable tourism with corporate social responsibility, and a continuos development with all the people involved focused in the quality of the services and the accomplishment of the customer’s expectations.