Pando – Cobija (5 days)

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Package Includes:

  • Arrival and departure transfers at the airport in Cobija.
  • 3 nights staying at hotel in Cobija.
  • 1 night Manuripi (rustic lodge).
  • 1 day of activities in a Cattle Farm as milk collection, herding cattle, etc. with roast beef included.
    Half board.
  • City tour in Cobija and Brazilian border.
  • Full day excursion to Puerto Rico border town.
  • Navigation by the Tahuamanú and Manupiri rivers.
  • Photographic expeditions.
  • Visit to the processing plant of chestnut (Tahuamanú).
  • Specialized guide.

Optional Tours

  • BOLPEBRA 3 countries joined: Bolivia, Peru and Brazil

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